ASTEMIO Sparkling wine

Brut Gran Cuvée Sparkling Wine

T his sparkling wine is particularly suitable to be drunk young, over time it evolves well developing hints of delicate citrus and wild white berries, recalling at the same time notes of peach and elderflowers. With its fine and long-lasting perlage, Astemio is deep and clean on the palate, with a pleasant, soft, slightly sapid and persistent taste.


Alcohol content: 11% VOL
Total acidity: 6.20 - 6.50 gr/lt
Formats: 750 ml - 1,5 l (Magnum)


I t is obtained from a careful selection of grapes that are harvested in crates and processed whole in a soft press collecting only the flower must. The sparkling base obtained after a careful cleaning starts the foam press in the first fermentation in a vat for at least 3 months with the Martinotti/Charmat method. It is then filtered and bottled.


F resh and lively, it is perfect as an aperitif or to accompany delicate dishes based on fish or white meat. Particularly suitable for events, birthdays, and awards, especially in the Magnum version.