Who we are

Where Passion becomes the Art of Wine

Where Passion becomes the Art of Wine

E verything began in the spring of 2013 when we planted the first vine and gradually continued farming until we'd covered 5 hectares of land within our "head of the family" Ettore Bellettato's estate.

We have "the earth in our blood", we grew up on a diet of bread and agriculture, with a strong bond rooted in our childhood, and that is why we decided to dedicate two of our productions to our grandparents: Uldino and Battista, two upstanding men of the past. It is thanks to them that we have learned the value of small things, sacrifice and above all respect for our land. Thanks to this great challenge, we decided to be inspired by them and above all by their need to find a free reality to express passion for wine, but above all to bring back the flavours of tradition in a modern dimension that can inspire all generations to curiosity and analysis of the land.

We want to enhance the flavours of tradition to inspire curiosity and deepening of the territory.

W e decided to embark on this evocative adventure in our native land: Berra, a small village located on the "Road of wines and flavours", an itinerary of eno-gastronomic excellence that meanders valleys and the Po delta, in the border area between Veneto and Emilia Romagna.

Our soil has a balanced texture containing a percentage of sand that allows good water circulation, sufficient oxygenation and easy penetration of the roots. A percentage of clay that maintains a sufficient degree of moisture during dry periods, allows structuring and retains nutrients. Ours is a sincere land, like the wines we produce.